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For Landlords

Do you understand my needs as a landlord?

Understanding starts with listening. Our approach to managing your property is to listen first and advise second.

How much do I have to pay Easy-Let to manage my property?

The initial registration fee for joining up with Easy-Let is €250 (plus Vat), once the property has been Let we take 10% of your rent a week ongoing plus Vat. In the event of the tenancy breaking down within a four month period, Easy-Let will proceed to find a new tenant at no additional sign up charge.

What are the benefits of renting out your home with Easy-Let Property Managers?

There are many benefits to giving Easy-Let your property to rent. We advertise the property, vet tenants, check references, lease agreements, collect the rent, inspect the property, ensure property is maintained and handle any problems that arise. Overall, the main benefit is that you can be rest assured your property is being looked after and every avenue is being exercised to rent it successfully.

How long will it take for Easy-Let to find a tenant for my Property?

There is no definitive time on how long it takes to rent your property; it all depends on the standard of property, location and the market at the time. However since the foundation of the company the occupancy figures have never dipped below the high 90 per cents.

How much rent will I receive?

Easy-Let will endeavour to get you the maximum possible rent for your property. However expect the current market value for your property.

I didn’t get any rent this month?

If your tenant moves in mid-month then you will be paid for that part month along with your next full month’s payment.

When will the rent hit my account?

All landlords are paid on the last day of the month into their bank account. This may take 3 – 5 business days depending on your bank.

What sort of advertising will Easy-Let be carrying out to rent my property?

As soon as we get permission from yourself to manage your property, a member of our property team go to the property, Take an inventory of the contents and photograph the exterior and interior. The property is then put up on our webpage along with various other property websites. Various other printed forms of advertising are also used included the Dealer, Property Monthly and Local Newspapers.

If something breaks down or there is a problem in the property, who gets contacted?

Tenants are aware that they must ring Easy-Let Limited as soon as an issue arises. It may never arise however if it does we have a 24hr maintenance man on call for such events. We handle problem that cost up to €200.00 without contacting you and bill out for this cost at the end of each month. If the problem cannot be fixed for under €200.00 we contacted you immediately and seek your instruction for such matters. If we can’t get in contact with you we arrest the problem and again seek your instruction.

Who pays for the maintenance man and for problem to be fixed?

We invoice you as soon as we receive the bill for the maintenance and give you the option of paying by the 28th of the month or we deduct it automatically from your rent at the end of the month.

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