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For Tenants

How soon can I move in?

As soon as the necessary references have been checked, the tenancy agreement paid and system put in place the tenant can move. Frequently this can happen on the day of viewing.

When do I pay my rent and how?

A first month (or weeks) is paid at the contract signing stage in cash or by cheque. Subsequent rent is paid by direct debit transfer.

Who do I call if something breaks down or I have a problem with the property?

You simply call Easy-Let Limited and if the problem is the responsibility of Landlord we will arrange to have the matter seen to promptly.

Who looks after the maintenance of the house e.g. lawn cutting?

It is the responsibility of the Landlord to ensure that the house in good structural repair. The maintenance of lawns and gardens is normally that of the tenant.

Being the tenant, how do I know that you are going to look after my best interests?

At Easy-Let Limited, we don’t only focus on the owner. In fact, we acknowledge the importance of a sound relationship between the owner and tenant and therefore believe that co-operation is vital. In light of this, we ensure that all parties concerned receive the best possible service and attention from our dedicated team.

Who pays the residence association fees if there is one for the property?

Normally residence association fees are paid for by the Landlord.

How long after I have given my notice will it take to get my deposit back?

Tenant deposits will be returned within two weeks of termination of tenancy less any necessary deductions.

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